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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What type of satellite system that can be use to get Thai TV5 Channel?
A: KU-Band only, C-Band will not work.

Q: Do I have to pay for monthly service fee?
A: No! Not at all, TV5 satellite signal is FREE TO AIR without scrambled.

Q: What kind of IRD box can be use with TV5?
A: We have tested many system however, Hyundai HSS-100C (DBS), Pansat, Digisat 2000, Visionetics, Digital broadcasting System are the best.

Q: What is Down-Link information?
A: Satellite: Telstar-5 at 97* W
Beam: Ku-band
Down-Link Frequency: 12152500 MHz
Symbol Rate: 20,000 Msps
Polarization: HOR
FEC Rate: 3/4
Local LNB: 10750 MHz
TV Standard: NTSC

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $475.99 plus tax for California resident. *No tax for out of state. *Installation fee not included.

Q: Is it difficult to install?
A: It’s not that difficult, but we strongly recommend that it should be done by professional installer.

Q: What type of cable should be used with the system?
A: RG6 grade Cable. *NOTE not the RG6/U.

Q: How long does TV5 Global Network will be broadcast?
A: At lease 3 years. We started broadcast the signal since November 1997.

Q: What is LNB?
A: Low Noise Block with the reflection of the signal.

Q: How many channel do I get?
A: One for TV5 and Eight for Chinese. There are (8+) Chinese Channel, 1 Indian, 1 E! Entertainment, but we can’t guarantee how long they will be broadcast without scramble.

Q: How about picture quality?
A: The picture quality is better than the one you watch in Thailand because we use Digital in transfer mode; however, a larger dish will give you more consistently clear picture regardless weather or other conditions that may come up.

Q: I already have the existing satellite system can I receive the TV5 signal?
A: Absolutely NO, if you have a C-Band system..

Q: How come it’s so expensive?
A: The main purpose of TV5 GLOBAL NETWORK is to have as many viewer as possible not to make money out of the satellite system. 499.99 for satellite system package is the cheapest price on the market we knew, if you could find any cheaper than this please contact THAI TV5 GLOBAL NETWORK Tel: 213-4644260.

Q: How can I reach TV5 Global Network?
A: TV5 Global Network 1123 N.Vine St. Suite 6A, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Tel: 213-464-2464, 464-2460, Fax: 213-464-2312

Q: Can TV5 satellite system be connected to more than one television set in my house?
A: Yes! You can connect up to 4 television set without degraded the signal.

Q: Can I paint my satellite dish?
A: Painting your TV5 satellite? dish is acceptable but not recommend as long as it is a non-lead based paint. The paint must be matte and NOT glossy. If the paint is glossy it could possibly damage the Low Noise Block converter (LNB) with the reflection of the signal. Also, do not paint on the LNB itself.

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