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How to install satellite system.

Site Survey | Dish position


To get a signal, a satellite dish must be pointed directly at the satellite, with NO obstructions between the two. This means NO trees and NO buildings.

Take into consideration future tree growth, house remodeling or additions and new construction in your area while doing your site survey.

  • The satellite signal WILL NOT PASS through leaves or branches.
  • The satellite signal WILL NOT PASS through glass; don't try to install your dish indoors!


The Telstar-5 satellite is located 22,500 miles above the equator at 97 degree west which is the same longitude as Dallas, TX. In Texas, depending on where you live, the satellites highest above your head will have an elevation angle between 30 and 45 degrees and the most westerly and most easterly satellites will have an elevation angle between 15 and 10 degrees. Please refer to the table below for the equation of your area, or contact us with your ZIP code for exact equation value.

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Our Satellite Systems only point to a single satellite, so chances are that there is at least one location around your house where you will be able to install such a system.

Go outside and locate at least one site on your property that has a clear view to:

  • The South if you live North of Texas
  • The South West if you live East of Texas
  • The South East if you live West of Texas

Then, by being reasonably certain you are pointing toward the direction of the satellite.

Imagine you're pointing at the satellite, located 35 to 20 degrees above the horizon. Do you have at least one clear view to the pre-determined direction? Remember, no trees, leaves, buildings, or windows can be between the dish and the satellite.

If the answer is NO, your site may be unsuitable for installing our Satellite System.

If the answer is YES, your site should be suitable for installing our Satellite System.

Here are approximate SET UP values cities:

Satellite (Position)

Telstar 5 (97 west)
City Azimuth Elevation
Los Angeles, CA 135 44
Austin, TX 155 55
Chicago, IL 185 40
Las Vegas, NV 125 44
Denver, CO 140 43

Installing a Dish

Once you have assembled the receiver dish. Prior to mounting the dish support, verify that the axis where the dish will be locate is perpendicular with the ground. By using the level gauge. After you have mounted the dish support, now install the dish assembly on ? the support and tighten all bolts, just enough so you can adjust the direction of the dish.

Finding Signal

Now! the fun part! place a compass at least 20"-30" away from the dish, where you can see it. Turn the dish so the front side is facing the same direction as your compass. Hook up the system as you would do inside the house. If you have satellite signal detector, place it inline between the dish and your receiver. Adjust the signal detector gain to about 5 using knob on the front panal. Rotating the dish side to side, up and down very slowly. Let someone watch the TV for pictures. Adjust the dish until you get maximum reading on the detector.

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