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dot.gif (986 bytes) ThaiTV5 Golbal Network will provide entertainment as well as the most up-to date news on the current situation in Thailand to Thai people abroad. We found that there are alot of Thai people, who live abroad, would like to know much more about their motherland than they are currently able to. They found that it is very difficult, especially, for the ones who live outside big cities to get excess of the information about the current affairs in Thailand. The Royal Thai Army Television (TV 5) sees the needs of these people and realizes that Thai TV5 Global Network can fill the gap for those people. This project will give the Thai people abroad the first hand and the most current information about Thailand. Also it can be used as a teaching tool for the Thai children or anyone who would like to learn the language or to know more about the country and theThai Culture. The Royal Thai Army Television (TV 5) hopes that this project will be able to serve, up to a certain extent, the needs of the Thai communities around the world.

We are extremely excited with the success of THAI TV5 Channel. We have been experiencing overwhelming response and excitement from the entire Thai community. The broadcast from Thailand has generated a sense of pride and patriotism that we are proud to be part of. This letter is intended to thank you for your inquiry and answer some frequent questions asked.
 A Digital Satellite System is needed to receive the digital broadcast of THAI TV5 direct from Thailand 24 hours a day. The Thai government, in cooperation with THAI TV5 has set up a partnership. The intention is that all Thai people who live outside their motherland can have free access to Thai television whenever they want to.
 Thai TV5 is transmitted from Telstar-5 which is 97 degree longitude, 0 degree latitude and remains in orbit at the same speed as the revolution of Earth. This means that it always stays at the same location. The small digital signal sends by the satellite is received by the satellite dish and then reflects the signal to the LNBF which will amplify the signal then sends to the digital satellite receiver that will convert the satellite signal to a signal that your television set will understand. The format use for this satellite system is called MPEG-2 DVD. For TV5 this is un-scrambled signal, because of this, there is no monthly subscription fee, in other word it is a FREE SERVICE
 TV5 is Thailand's largest television network. Thanks to its partnership with the Thai government and THAI TV5 USA. It is now the first international Thai television network. TV5 can now offer its programming varieties of Dramas, Comedies, News, and Sports.


1. Required Equipment

2. Warning & Danger

Assembling dish antenna on windy days can be dangerous, because of the antenna surface; even slight winds create strong forces. For example, 90cm (3ft) antenna at 60 degrees angle facing a wind at 100 mph, can undergo forces of 290 lbs. Be prepared to safely handle this forces at unexpected moments. Do not attempt to assemble, moves a dish on windy days or serious, even fatal, accident may occur. TV5 is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury resulting from antenna installations.

 Watch for wires!  Installation of this product near power line is extremely dangerous. For your safety, follow these important safety rules.
1.  Perform as many assembly functions as possible on the ground
2.  Watch out for overhead power line. Check the distance to the power lines before starting installation.
3.  Do not use metal ladders.
4.  Do not install antenna or mast assembly on windy day
5.  If you start to drop antenna or mast assembly, get away from it and let it fall
6.  Make sure that the mast assembly is properly grounded.

3. LNBF Tilt Set up

Telstar-5 (T5) Satellite location is 97 degree West on the same longitude of Dallas, TX. The digital signal form T5 is linear polarization and because of the different angle of receiving the signal in each location, the LNBF attachment angle should be tilted properly.

4. Cable Hook Up Diagram

5. Antenna Aim

 Before the antenna can be aimed, please review the special terminology as illustrated.
 Put the compass on the ground behind the antenna, at least 10" to 20" away to avoid magnetic interference. Align the compass needle to point to the North exactly. Adjust the antenna to those Azimuth and Elevation of your location. If there is obstacle in the antenna’s pathway, such as a tree or building, the location of the antenna set up should be changed.
Note. When lining up the compass to fine angle of the degree values, it is recommended to put a straight bar or wood stick to form straight line toward antenna from the compass.

6. Antenna Fine Adjust

 7. Maintenance

8. Telstar-5 Location Chart (97° West)

AK Little Rock 184 49.5 6.00 OR Eugene 126 33 7.30
AL Montgomery 197 50.0 5.30 OR Portland 136 35.5 7.00
AZ Phoenix 141 47.5 7.00 PA Pittsburgh 212 40 5.0
AZ Tucson 143 49.5 6.30 RI Providence 229 35 4.30
CA San Diego 133 46 7.30 SD Pierre 164 39 6.00
CA San Francisco 126 39 7.30 TN Nashville 195 46.5 5.30
CA Santa Barbara 128 43 7.30 TX Abilene 166 52 6.00
CO Denver 156 43.5 6.30 TX Austin 170 55 6.00
DC Washington 216 40 5.00 TX Brownsville 170 58 6.00
FL Tampa 208 54 5.00 TX Corpus Christi 170 58 6.00
FL Jacksonville 208 54 5.00 TX El Paso 151 51.5 6.30
GA Atlanta 200 48.5 5.30 TX Houston 176 55 6.00
ID Boise 135 36.5 7.00 TX San Antonio 169 56 6.00
IL Chicago 193 40.5 5.30 UT Salt Lake City 142 40.5 6.30
IN Indianapolis 197 42.5 5.30 VA Charlottesville 194 45 5.30
IO Des Moines 179 42 6.00 VT Montpelier 228 34 4.30
LA New Orleans 188 54.5 5.30 WA Seattle 127 30.5 7.30
MA Portland 232 33 4.30 WI Green Bay 192 38.5 5.30
MI Grand Rapids 198 39.5 5.30 WI Madison 189 39.5 5.30
MN St. Paul 180 38 6.00 WV Charleston 207 42.5 5.00
MO Kansas City 177 45 6.00 WY Casper 152 39.5 6.30
MO St. Louis 185 44.5 5.30 CANADA
MT Billings 149 36 6.30 AL Calgary 138 29.5 7.00
NC Raleigh 213 44 5.00 AL Edmonton 139 27 7.00
ND Bismarck 163 36 6.00 BC Vancouver 124 28.5 7.30
NH Manchester 230 34 4.30 MA Winnipeg 170 33 6.00
NJ Trenton 221 38 4.30 NB Fredericton 239 29 4.30
NM Albuquerque 152 48.5 6.30 NF St. Johns  257 21 4.00
NV Las Vegas 137 44 7.00 NS Halifax 245 29  4.00
NV Reno 130 39 7.00 ON Toronto 217 36.5 4.30
NY Albany 224 36 4.30 PE Charlotteltown 246 36.5 4.30
NY Buffalo 211 37.5 5.00 PQ Montreal 225 33 4.30
NY New York 225 37 4.30 SA Regina 155 32 5.30
OK Oklahoma City 170 49 6.00 SA Saskaton  149 30 5.30

*** LNBF indicate connector direction based on watch hour needle. ***

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